Ecology and Environment

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Week 1 : Dr. B.S. Murty -Introduction (1),Sustainability Definition / Goals, Climate Change (2),Case Studies (3) (Eg: Dams, Chemicals, e-waste, IOT, Landfill siting etc)Week 2 : Dr. Sudhir Chella Rajan-Sustainability and Economics (3),Sustainability and Ethics (3)
Week 3 : Dr. Ligy Philip-(Water Quality/ Waste Management),Water Quality and Treatment (3),Waste Management and Treatment (3)
Week 4 : Dr. B. S. Murty (Water Management/ Resources),Urban Drainage,Water Resource Management,Impact of Climate Change
Week 5 : Dr. Srinivas Jayanti (Energy)-Energy Demand / Resources (1),Pollution from Energy generation (1),Energy and Climate Change (Global Warming)(1),Energy and Sustainability (1),Long Range and Short Range Solutions (1)(Global vs. India)Week 6 : Dr. R. Ravi Krishna-Risk Assessment Definition (1),Pollutant Pathways / Safety/ Exposure (1),Liability /Examples (1),Life Cycle Assessment(2),Environmental Management and LCA (1)
Week 7 : Dr. Sudhir Chella Rajan-Urban Planning / Sprawl (1),Challenges in Urban Planning,Transport (1),Energy (Smart Grid) (1),Waste (1),Governance (1)
Week 8 : Dr. Susy Varughese / Dr. Parag Ravindran-Ecology – definitions / Systems (1),Biodiversity (1),Examples of Historical Impact of economy onEcology,Restoration / Ecological Engineering
Week 9 : Dr. Ligy Philip / Dr. Ravi Krishna -Solid Waste Management,Hazardous Waste Management