Ecology and Environment

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The objectives of the course is to introduce and sensitize all BTech students to the issue of ecology, environment and sustainability. The lectures are aimed at posing various questions that are relevant for all students of engineering and management to incorporate sustainability and a sensitivity to ecology and environment in their design of products, processes and systems.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any interested Learners



Week 1 : Dr. B.S. Murty -Introduction (1),Sustainability Definition / Goals, Climate Change (2),Case Studies (3) (Eg: Dams, Chemicals, e-waste, IOT, Landfill
siting etc)Week 2 : Dr. Sudhir Chella Rajan-Sustainability and Economics (3),Sustainability and Ethics (3)
Week 3 : Dr. Ligy Philip-(Water Quality/ Waste Management),Water Quality and Treatment (3),Waste Management and Treatment (3)
Week 4 : Dr. B. S. Murty (Water Management/ Resources),Urban Drainage,Water Resource Management,Impact of Climate Change
Week 5 : Dr. Srinivas Jayanti (Energy)-Energy Demand / Resources (1),Pollution from Energy generation (1),Energy and Climate Change (Global Warming)
(1),Energy and Sustainability (1),Long Range and Short Range Solutions (1)(Global vs. India)
Week 6 : Dr. R. Ravi Krishna-Risk Assessment Definition (1),Pollutant Pathways / Safety/ Exposure (1),Liability /Examples (1),Life Cycle Assessment
(2),Environmental Management and LCA (1)
Week 7 : Dr. Sudhir Chella Rajan-Urban Planning / Sprawl (1),Challenges in Urban Planning,Transport (1),Energy (Smart Grid) (1),Waste (1),Governance (1)
Week 8 : Dr. Susy Varughese / Dr. Parag Ravindran-Ecology – definitions / Systems (1),Biodiversity (1),Examples of Historical Impact of economy on
Ecology,Restoration / Ecological Engineering
Week 9 : Dr. Ligy Philip / Dr. Ravi Krishna -Solid Waste Management,Hazardous Waste Management