Easing the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

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  • Module 1 – Setting the Scene
    • This module looks at the impact of the increasing incidence globally of non-communicable, or chronic, diseases and how the Charles Perkins Centre is developing a new approach to this complex challenge.
  • Module 2 - The Big Non-Communicable Diseases
    • This module outlines the five major non-communicable diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cancer, and the many risk factors that they share.
  • Module 3 - The key risk factors for chronic disease
    • In this module we look more closely at the main risk factors for the non-communicable diseases and at the impact our modern environment is having on the global burden of these preventable diseases.
  • Module 4 - How did we get here?
    • This module will provide an overview of the main factors in our biology, our environment, our food production systems, and our human psychology that have made us susceptible to the chronic disease health crisis.
  • Module 5 - Solutions
    • In this module we will consider in detail the complex challenges of finding solutions to chronic diseases and how these could be brought together in developing a systems approach to address these major chronic diseases and the threat they pose to individual and population health.
  • Wrapping up
    • This module gives you time to complete your final assignment and to reflect on what you have learned in the course.