Earthquake Resistant Design of Foundations

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Week 1 :Introduction: General requirements, types of shallow and deep foundations and their use; performance of various types of foundations during past earthquakes.
Shallow Foundations: IS codes for bearing capacity and settlement of foundations, foundation design, modes of soil failure.Week 2 :Shallow Foundations: Safe bearing capacity, differential & total settlements, increase in permissible stress under earthquake loads. Methods of analysis, experimental investigations, Combined footings for earthquake loadsWeek 3 :Shallow Foundations: Raft foundation, modulus of sub grade reaction, Winkler model, beam on elastic foundation. Dynamic Bearing Capacity under Transient & Earthquake Type Loads: Types of dynamic loads; Footing requirements to account for settlements and earthquake induced forces; Pseudo-Static analysis of footings with eccentric & inclined loads. Effect of horizontal load and moment. Dynamic Analysis of shallow foundations for various modes of vibrationsWeek 4 :Pile Foundations: Types of piles based on usage, material, construction etc. pile load capacity in compression, Bearing capacity of piles, group action of piles, settlement of a pile group;Week 5 :Pile Foundations: Laterally loaded piles, elastic analysis; Reese and Matlock approach, fixity of pile heads, dimensionless factors; Pile with dynamic loads.Week 6 :Pile Foundations: soil-pile analysis with spring-mass & FEM idealisation, elements for slip and separation, soil-pile interaction, IS code of practice for design of pile foundations, piles through liquefiable soilsWeek 7 :Well Foundations & Caissons: Types; components; scour depth, depth & bearing capacity of wells, static forces considered in stability of wells; Lateral stability of well foundations. Pseudo-static analysis with earthquake induced loads, Lateral load resistance of well foundation; Terzahi's approach; IRC, IS and Indian Railway Codes, their limitations.Week 8 :SSI for Deep Foundations: Soil-Structure Interaction, Modelling of Unbounded Soil Media for Dynamic Loads, Free Field Motion, Kinematic Interaction and Inertial Interaction.