Earth System Science

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Earth System science: The course includes the Earth, the Universe and the Solar System, The Earth and Its relation to the Universe, its origin, shape, size, age etc. How the Earth acquired the present shape and why it is different from other planets in the solar system. What causes Earthquakes and Volcanoes on the Earth. How the Mountains, continents and plateaus evolve. The concept of Plate tectonics Invalid HTML tag: tag name o:p is not allowed


The course also includes the weather system and how it is caused. Land-Air-Ocean interaction and its effects. Introduction to the Atmosphere, the Hydrosphere and the Biosphere, Soils and their formation and chemistry of the Earth.Invalid HTML tag: tag name o:p is not allowed


It also includes tectonic history of India, the geological history of India and the stratigraphic scale.Invalid HTML tag: tag name o:p is not allowed