The learners will be able to design an e-assessment model of their own at the end of the course. Even the learner can design a few e-assessments as an assignments during the course.
Week 1- Introduction to assessment & e-Assessment
Week 2- History & Development of e-Assessment
Week 3- Types of E-assessment
Week 4- Difference between Paper-based Assessment & e-assessment
Week 5- systems analysis in e-Assessment
Week 6- Media selection in e-Assessment
Week 7- Types of Testes used in e-Assessment
Week 8 - Key areas & generic tasks and responsibilities in e-Assessment
Week 9- E-Portfolio in e-Assessment & Google sites
Week 10- e-Assessment in MOOCs
Week 11- e-assessment for different subjects & inclusive education
Week 12- online tools for e-assessment part 1: Google forms, Docs
Week 13- online tools for e-Assessment part 1: Kahoot, Quizizz
Week 14- online tools for e-Assessment part 1: Hot Potato
Week 15 - m-assessment