Dynamics of Ocean Structures

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Week 1: Introduction to offshore structures Environmental loads Structural action

Week 2: Single degree-of-freedom Equation of motion Free vibration of SDOF systems

Week 3: Damped and undamped forced vibration Damped forced vibration Response build up

Week 4: Numerical examples Numerical examples- MDOF

Week 5: Eigen value problems Orthogonality of modes Numerical methods in MDOF

Week 6: Influence coefficient method Stodla method Rayleigh method Modal response of MDOF

Week 7: Rayleigh damping Caughey damping Damping by super-positioning Duhamel integral Model super position and Truncation
Missing mass correction

Week 8: Fluid structure interaction Retrofitting and Rehabilitation Earthquake forces

Week 9: Articulated towers Fluid structure interaction application in ocean structures Response control of compliant structures (MLAT) MLAT with passive damperss

Week 10:Tension leg platforms Fluid-structure interaction Dynamic analysis for springing and ringing

Week 11:Numerical integration Dynamic analysis offshore triceratops Stochastic process

Week 12:Response spectrum Return period Fatigue damage

Thanks to the support from MathWorks, enrolled students have access to MATLAB for the duration of the course.