Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Fields

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Week 1: Review of Lagrangian mechanics and the Hamiltonian formulation. Week 2:Symmetries and Noether’s theorem. Week 3:The Electromagnetic Field and Stress Energy Tensor. Week 4:Elasticity Theory and Fluid Mechanics. Week 5:Toward Quantum Fields: Scalar and Spinor Fields. Week 6:Concept of Functional Integration. Week 7:Quantum Mechanics Using Lagrangians: Path Integrals. Week 8:Creation and Annihilation Operators in Fock Space. Week 9:Quantum Fields on a Lattice. Week 10:Green Functions: Matsubara and Nonequilibrium. Week 11:Coherent State Path Integrals. Week 12:Non-local operators in Quantum Many Body Physics.