Dynamic Behaviour Of Materials

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Week 1: Introduction: dynamic deformation and failureWeek 2: Introduction to waves: elastic waves; types of elastic waves; reflection, refraction and interaction of wavesWeek 3: Plastic waves and shock waves: Plastic waves of uniaxial stress, uniaxial strain and combined stress; Taylor’s experiments; shock wavesWeek 4: Shock wave induced phase transformation; Explosive-material interaction and detonationWeek 5: Experimental techniques for dynamic deformation: intermediate strain rate tests; split Hopkinson pressure bar; expanding ring test; gun systemsWeek 6: Review of mechanical behavior of materials (especially metals): Elastic and plastic deformation of metals; dislocation mechanics;Week 7: Plastic deformation of metals at high strain rates: Empirical constitutive equations; relationship between dislocation velocity and applied stress; physically based constitute equationsWeek 8: Plastic deformation in shock waves: Strengthening due to shock wave propagation; dislocation generation; point defect generation and deformation twinningWeek 9: Strain localization/shear bands: Constitutive models; metallurgical aspectsWeek 10:Dynamic Fracture: Fundamentals of fracture mechanics; limiting crack speed, crack branching and dynamic fracture toughness; spalling and fragmentationWeek 11:Dynamic deformation of materials other than metals: Polymers; ceramics; compositesWeek 12:Applications: Armor applications; explosive welding and forming