Drug Delivery: Principles and Engineering

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Week 1: Pharmacokinetics: Bioavailability, Elimination, Therapeutic indexWeek 2: Prodrugs, Controlled releaseWeek 3: Polymers: Synthesis, properties, characterization, crystallinity and amorphousnessWeek 4: Biopolymers: Natural and Synthetic, biocompatibility, Biodegradation, commonly used biopolymersWeek 5: Polymer-Drug conjugates, PEGylationWeek 6: Diffusion controlled systems, Ficks laws, Reservoir systems, Non-erodible matrix systems, Bio-erodible SystemsWeek 7: Hydrogels: Physical or chemical, pore-size calculation, in-situ crosslinkingWeek 8: Nano and Micro-particles: Dendrimers, Liposomes, MicellesWeek 9: Metal and polymeric particles, effect of particle shape, charge and elasticityWeek 10: Protein Adsorption and tissue engineering, Drug delivery in tissue engineeringWeek 11: Implant associated infections, Route specific delivery: Oral, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, transdermal, inhalation, intravenousWeek 12: Vaccines, Cancer vaccines, Cell and gene delivery, Smart responsive drug delivery, Targeted drug delivery, Nanotoxicology and market translation