Doing more with Google Sheets

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  • Welcome to Google Sheets: how to create, edit, and print your spreadsheet
    • Getting started with Google Sheets is simple. Let’s start with the basics. Learn how to create and edit your spreadsheet. Then print or publish it to the web.
  • Working with formulas and functions: how to import and analyze your data
    • Anyone can be a data analyst with Google Sheets. Learn how to use formulas, functions, and other key features to help you analyze data effectively.
  • Telling stories with data: how to design your sheet to highlight trends
    • Explore how Google Sheets allows you to design spreadsheets that are both aesthetically pleasing and informative.
  • Supercharge your sheet: how to create charts, pivot tables, and reports
    • Google Sheets empowers you to detect and visualize data with no advanced coding required. This module will show you how to generate charts, pivot tables, and other shareable reports of your data.
  • Collaborating in Sheets: how to share your data with your team
    • With Google Sheets you can work in real-time on a spreadsheet. Learn how to share your data with your team.