Doing Business in Latin America

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  • How do multilatinas create competitive advantage?
    • Welcome! On this course you will learn about the most distinctive characteristics of multilatinas and come to understand how they create their competitive advantage. It has traditionally been said that multilatinas create their competitive advantage through costs, but in recent years, several multilatinas, as well as achieving efficiency, have sought competitive advantage through differentiation.
  • Driving forces behind business development in Latin America
    • In this module, you will learn about the role of natural resources in the development of Latin American economies. You will learn about the power of corporate groups and their contribution to the development of the Latin American business sector. And, finally, you will have the chance to examine the role of the state in industrial policies.
  • Internationalization strategies
    • Welcome! In this module you will learn about how multilatinas’ domestic success leverages their internationalization process and conditions three key decisions regarding their internationalization strategies: market selection, speed, and entry modes.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America
    • Welcome! In this module, you will learn about the impact of new technologies in Latin America's business and economic development. You will learn that it is a region with great talent and creative skills, and you will understand its opportunities and challenges for high-impact entrepreneurs.