Doing Business in Europe

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  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: Approaching the European market(s)
    • The European market(s) are multiple yet increasingly integrated. That’s the reason why this first unit is dedicated to the topic “Approaching the European market (s)”. You will understand why Europe is the most important economic market in the world with an access to 600 millions of consumers and an accelerating growth. You will have an input on the Eurozone, which allows a fluent payments and transfers system with no currency costs and minimal administrative formalities. And you will get insights on the quality of business and life in Europe: Efficient transports, business friendly metropolis and beautiful cities…
  • Unit 2: Innovating in Europe

    • Doing business in Europe should start with a reflexion on how to innovate from the very beginning. That is the topic of this second unit “Innovating in Europe”.
      You will discover why Europe is an outstanding place for creativity: with a long history of establishing relations between business and creative minds, relentlessly bringing creativity to the core of organizations. You will get insights on Digital marketing, a MUST for the European market as a great opportunity to reach European consumers and engage them in new offers; a real opportunity for SMEs!
  • Unit 3: Investing in Europe

    • Where and how to invest in Europe? This unit “Investing in Europe” deals with location and entry mode choices in the European context.
      You will be trained to ask the right questions to choose the right location in Europe. You will discover that Europe is the largest market for franchising with a great potential for development, an opportunity to rapidly develop corporate positions in various European markets. And you will get insights on how to complete successfully a company acquisition process in Europe.
  • Unit 4: Building the value chain

    • In this unit, we present the ways to reach out to European customers in terms of supply chain and retail management “Building the value chain”, a continent with a challenging geography and a vast diversity of providers and consumers.
      You will learn that supply chain management is a key factor of success in Europe but it requires developing strong competencies to deal with national singularities. You will learn that retail management in Europe is unique: notably innovation, streamlining the go-to-market process, driving the most advanced market in the world towards sustainability
  • Unit 5: Integrating the diversity
    • Doing business in Europe unavoidably entails being confronted to its diversity. This unit on “Integrating the diversity” tries to make sense of this diversity and the ways to manage it. You will be better aware of the key challenges when managing European teams and notably key points as communication, conflict, cultural differences and diverse work styles. And you will also better understand why negotiation with European partners implies cultural intelligence and awareness.