DIY Leather Bucket Bag

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This class bridges the gap between two things we know and love: DIY and FASHION! In the past, home sewing has given itself the reputation of being a slightly naff, less-than alternative to ready-to-wear fashion. Not anymore! In this class, you will learn how to construct an on-trend leather bucket bag from start to finish, which you will have the option to personalise with a custom metallic monogram and leather tassels. 

In this class you will learn:

  • how to sew leather using a domestic / home sewing machine 
  • how to set up your machine and the different types of stitches required
  • how to use basic leather working tools
  • how to create a custom metallic monogram and leather tassels

Not only will you come away with your own hand-crafted, personalised and damn-fine-looking bucket bag but also knowledge and confidence to sew with leather; a typically “tricky” material.

This class is designed for all sewing levels and requires basic sewing skills plus knowledge of your own machine. As this is not a ‘learn to sew’ class, complete beginners will require guidance from a sewing friend.