Diversity and Inclusion in Education

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  • Week 1: Introduction to the Course and Conceptualising diversity in education
    • This week focuses on Conceptualising Diversity and Difference in education.
  • Week 2: Responding to diversity in education
    • This week focuses on Inclusion in Education and different ways of responding to student diversity.
  • Week 3: Experiencing diversity in education: barriers and facilitators
    • This week introduces different approaches to analyse educational contexts and educational responses: the medical, and social models, and the biopsychosocial approach. It also focuses on student voice and student experiences of inclusion and exclusion in education.
  • Week 4: Developing inclusive, equitable quality education for All
    • This week focuses on different responses to student diversity and their role in developing inclusive education: inclusive educators, individualised planning, differentiation, Inclusive Pedagogies, Universal Design for Learning. It also provides a short introduction to the challenges and resources to teaching different groups of students.