Diversity and Belonging in Businesses and Organizations

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  • Policies: A Structural Approach to Belonging
    • This course is structured around three pillars of belonging: Policies, Practices, and People. The first module focuses on how to implement inclusive policies.
  • Practices: Building a Culture of Belonging at Work
    • This module explores the second pillar of belonging: practices. While in the first module we looked at how a structural analysis of the policies of an organization lays the foundation for belonging, we will now turn our attention to practices, which refer to the informal aspects of setting a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • People: Mentors, Sponsors, Allies, Task Forces, and Employee Resource Groups to Promote Belonging
    • This module focuses on the third and final pillar of belonging: people. In this module, we will explore the need for strong advocates for diversity throughout an organization in order for policies and practices to succeed. The module will showcase human resources that are key to promoting belonging: mentors, sponsors, allies, task forces, and employee resource groups (ERGs).
  • Beyond Belonging: Safer Spaces and Organizational Growth
    • In the final module for this course, we will discuss additional resources for belonging that reinforce the three pillars already covered. We will also look at how we can go further in the search for organizational belonging, such as using technology and data to drive change.