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  • Liquid Crystal Displays
    • The course will cover the basics of electronic display devices, including liquid crystals, electroluminescent, plasma, organic light emitting diodes, and electrowetting based displays. At the end of this course learners will be able to select a display technology and perform basic design of the display and have a thorough grasp of basic principles that drive display operation. Module 1 will cover the fundamentals of liquid crystal displays, used in most computer monitors.
  • Electroluminescent Displays
    • In this module, we will talk about electroluminescent displays. Electroluminescence is the non-thermal generation of light caused by an applied electric field to a material. Displays using this technology have many advantages including fast response, wide viewing angles, high resolution, wide operating temperatures, light weight, and good display qualities. You will learn about fundamentals of this important class of displays and challenges. It's a very exciting topic!
  • E-ink, Electrowetting, & Plasma Displays
    • In this module, you will learn about promising display technologies that include e-ink, electrowetting and plasma displays. While the technology is different than the liquid crystal displays, these techniques have their own advantages in terms of contrast, scaling to large areas and ultralow power consumption. I hope you have as great experience learning about these techniques as I have had in preparing the course material.