Disaster Recovery And Build Back Better

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The concept Build Back Better (BBB) proposes an integrated and holistic approach to post-disaster reconstruction and recovery in order to address the wide range of prevalent issues and ensure that the affected community is redeveloped in a resilient manner for the future. For a comprehensive understanding of the Build Back Better principles, it is valuable to analyze the complete list of propositions from all prominent studies and guidelines which depict effective post-disaster reconstruction and recovery. It is important to identify key areas of present research on and potential research gaps or future research needs for BBB.
The proposed online MOOC course on BBB introduces research concepts, best practices, project experience, field studies, direct observation, and critical research findings on following aspects of Build Back Better (BBB) in disaster recovery.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : B.Arch, Masters in disciplines of Architecture planning and Built Environment studies, PhD
PREREQUISITES : B.Arch/B.Plan 1st year completed
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : National and International NGO’s, Humanitarian agencies, municipalities, corporations, village councils,disaster management agencies, Research Organizations



Week 1 :Introduction: Understanding Risk and Vulnerability; The road map of BBB.Week 2 :Vulnerability mapping and culture at risk.Week 3 :The organizational set up and the role of built environment professions in DRR.Week 4 :Disaster risk reduction and pre-disaster planning.Week 5 :Relief recovery and transition.Week 6 :Post disaster reconstruction.Week 7 :Evaluating post reconstruction development.Week 8 :Communication and participation for people centered development.