Digital Switching – I

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Week 1 : Introduction, Basic signaling, Strowger exchange, crossbar, crossbar operation algorithm.Week 2 : Call congestion and time congestion; Lee’s approach, Karnaugh’s approachWeek 3 : Strictly Non-blocking networks, Rearrangeably non-blocking networks; Clos Network; Paull’s matrix;Clos theorem; Strictly non-blocking for f-way multicasting.Week 4 : Slepian Duguid theorem, its proof; Paull’s theorem; Recursive construction; Crosspoint complexity for rearrangebly and strictly non-blocking networksWeek 5: Cantor network; proof; Wide-sense non-blocking network – example network and proof.Week 6: Packet Switching, Buffering strategies, Input Queued Switch, Output Queued switchWeek 7: Banyan Networks, Delta Network, Shufflenet as Delta network – proof.Week 8 : Buffered Banyan network (buffering at each switching element), Computional analysis.