Digital Supply Chain Ecosystems for Creative Industries

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The course is part of a DigiMooD MOOCs.

This specific course gives an overview of Supply Chain Management in the fashion sector.

It addresses the concepts of Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management, starting from basic definitions, explaining which are the main goals and priorities of a supply chain in the fashion industry, and critically analyzing the specificities of the fashion sector compared with other industries.

All relevant steps of the Supply Chain Management are considered, including the upstream part – in terms of relationship with suppliers -, the warehousing, and the downstream part in terms of physical distribution. Novel approaches and emerging technologies, supporting supply chain efficiency and effectiveness are discussed.

After taking this Sprint MOOC you’ll be able to understand the specificities of Supply Chain Management in the fashion sector, know how the basic processes - such as procurement, warehousing, physical distribution – work, and assess the impact of novel technologies on said processes.

This Series of MOOCs is one of the main results of the DigiMooD project.