Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity

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  • Digital Disruption and Business Opportunity
    • This module describes how advances in technology, and changing consumer behavior and expectations have presented new challenges and opportunities for businesses. It begins by describing the changes which have occurred in technology and consequent consumer behavior and expectations. Then the module looks at the customer journey and how it has been disrupted by digital, and how digital can be used through the steps of the journey to influence customers. Finally, the module looks at the opportunities presented by digital for organizations as a whole.
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy
    • This module presents the core principles and purpose of digital marketing. It will enable you to develop clear and actionable business objectives through understanding the core components of the digital marketing strategy within a digital marketing plan, to gain audience and industry insight by conducting digital research, and to prepare the foundations for a fully integrated digital marketing campaign.
  • Digital Content and Creative Strategy
    • This module probes the fundamentals of content marketing and its role within a business. It identifies the benefits of using personas and how to develop them based on your target audience. It introduces techniques for content creation and repurposing in order to maximize content use. Finally, the module outlines how to develop a creative strategy to engage an audience and deliver on campaign goals.