Digital Speech Processing

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Week 1: Introduction to speech processing, Digitization and Recording of speech signal, Review of Digital Signal Processing Concepts Week 2:Human Speech production, Acoustic Phonetics and Articulatory Phonetics, Different categories speech sounds and Location of sounds in the acoustic waveform and spectrograms Week 3:Uniform Tube Modeling of Speech Production, Speech Perception Week 4:Time Domain Methods in Speech Processing, Analysis and Synthesis of Pole-Zero Speech Models Week 5:Short-Time Fourier Transform, Analysis:- FT view and Filtering view, Synthesis:-Filter bank summation (FBS) Method and OLA Method Week 6:Features Extraction, Extraction of Fundamental frequency Week 7:Speech Prosody, Speech Prosody Modeling (Fujisaki Model) Week 8:Speech based Applications (TTS, ASR and spoken language acquisition)