Digital Marketing Strategy: Introduction to PR Smith’s SOSTAC® and Situational Analysis

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Discover the principles of a successful digital marketing strategy

In a world of acronyms, SOSTAC® is one that any successful digital marketer should be aware of.

Created by Paul R Smith, SOSTAC® stands for Situational Analysis, Objectives, Strategy and/or Strategic Positioning, Tactics, Action and Control. It’s a valuable framework to help you develop your marketing strategy.

This two-week course, designed by digital marketing experts Target Internet and The Open University, will provide you with a key overview of the framework and how you can use it in practice.

Explore the role of SOSTAC® in developing an effective digital marketing strategy

You’ll gain an introduction into how each step can support your strategic planning. You’ll cover the importance of using insight to guide your objective setting and discover why strategic positioning is key in determining your overarching approach.

You’ll also find out how SOSTAC® can help you think strategically about your tactics and how to put them into action, considering resources and which tools and processes to use. Furthermore, you’ll be introduced to ways to review, measure, and iterate your strategy with SOSTAC®’s control process.

Understand how to carry out situational analysis

You’ll discover how to carry out the first ‘S’ in SOSTAC® - ‘Situational Analysis’. This will include examining external data about things like channel adoption and usage, and internal data to gauge how effective your current approach is. You’ll also define your user personas and map out existing user journeys.

Learn essential skills from digital marketing experts

You’ll learn with Target Internet who have provided expertise to leading brands including the BBC, Sony, Tesco, Vodafone, Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Warner Bros.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of digital marketing strategy as part of their overall approach to digital marketing.

It will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to further their studies in marketing, communications and business more generally.