Digital Marketing Strategy: Developing Strategy and Strategic Positioning

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Build critical skills in digital marketing strategy and strategic positioning

This course will focus on the second ‘S’ in SOSTAC® – strategy and strategic positioning.

Over two weeks, you’ll be guided through how to define your organisation’s overarching strategy and how to clarify your strategic positioning.

Improve your strategy planning know-how

Your strategy is your overall approach and states four key things: what you’ll do, what it will focus on, what it will achieve, and what the market impact will be. Learning from experts in digital marketing, you’ll gain the tips and tools you need to do this well, including example strategies to help you craft your own.

Discover strategic positioning and how it impacts your digital marketing tactics

Strategic positioning is what your brand stands for. It’s not a strapline but sums up what value you provide to your target audience. During the course, you’ll explore ideas and methods to help you determine your organisation’s strategic positioning and understand how this will help you engage with your audience meaningfully at every stage of the user journey.

By the end of the two weeks, you’ll understand how your overarching strategy and strategic positioning are connected and be able to ensure they align with your organisation and customer objectives.

Learn from experts with experience in digital marketing strategy

You’ll develop your skills with Target Internet’s CEO Daniel Rowles, who has over two decades of experience working with leading brands, including the BBC, Sony, Tesco, Vodafone, Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Warner Bros. He’s also an award-winning author and voice of the popular Digital Marketing Podcast.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of digital marketing strategy as part of their overall approach to digital marketing.

It will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to further their studies in marketing, communications and business more generally.