Digital Library

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Week 1: Digital Library: Overview - Introduction, Historical Perspectives.Week 2: Major Components of Digital Library - 1: Major Components, Search and Browse Interface in Digital Library.Week 3: Major Components of Digital Library – 2: Digital Library Technical Infrastructure, Digital Library Architecture.Week 4: Major Components of Digital Library – 3: Collection Development of digital library, Knowledge Organization in Digital Library.Week 5: Digital Libraries: Planning, Implementation, Marketing and Promotion.Week 6: Digital Library: Standards, IPR and Legal Issues.Week 7: Major Projects in Digital Libraries - Major Project: US, Major Project: UK, Major Project: Rest of the World.Week 8: Digital Library Initiatives in India.Week 9: Open Access and Digital Library.Week 10: Digitization Part – 1 and Part – 2Week 11: Digital Library and Semantic Web, Digital Library Applications and Services.Week 12: Digital Rights Management / Access Management Part - 1 and Part - 2Week 13: Digital Preservation: Part – 1 and Part - 2Week 14: Case Studies in Digital Library: Dspace, GSDL and Eprints.Week 15: Evaluation and Case Studies of Digital Library.