Digital Leadership and Digital Strategy Execution

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  • Strategic Thinking and the Customer Experience (CX)
    • This module begins by describing the characteristics of strategic thinking and its many benefits. It also describes the behaviors that characterize strategic thinking and the steps involved in Future-basing®. The module continues by covering the principles of customer experience and the key roles and responsibilities in managing CX. Finally, it looks at the value of rapid prototyping and an iterative approach to increasing an organization’s performance.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Execution and Management
    • This module focuses on skills and strategies you can use to move from a management to a leadership role, how you can build and train a team, and finally communicate and execute a digital strategy. You will learn the differences between managing and leading, how to develop a leadership mindset, and how to recruit and train marketing personnel. Finally, the focus is on executing a digital strategy through identifying suitable channels, developing a toolkit for achieving objectives, and communicating your results.
  • Digital Leadership, Strategy, and Data Privacy
    • This module probes the key areas of digital leadership, and the risks associated with digital and data privacy. It is aimed at all marketers who are willing to establish personal leadership and shows how you can become a digital leader by learning from best practice. It introduces the steps you can take to digitally transform an organization and identifies ways of securing executive sponsorship for your digital transformation efforts. It’s also important to understand the risks associated with digital and how to mitigate them. This module discusses these and finally, it provides you with a grounding in data protection and data privacy laws.