Digital Image Processing

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Digital image processing deals with processing of images which are digital in nature. Study of the subject is motivated by three major applications. The first application is in improvement of pictorial information for human perception i.e. enhancing the quality of the image so that the image will have a better look. The second is for autonomous machine applications which have wider applications in industries, particularly for quality control in assembly automation and many similar applications. This course will introduce various image processing techniques, algorithms and their applications.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: BE/ME/MS/PhDPRE-REQUISITES : Concepts of Digital Signal ProcessingINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Defense labs like DRDO, Space ISRO, TCS



Week 1: Introduction and signal digitizationWeek 2: Pixel relationshipWeek 3: Camera models & imaging geometryWeek 4: Image interpolationWeek 5: Image transformationWeek 6: Image enhancement IWeek 7: Image enhancement IIWeek 8: Image enhancement IIIWeek 9: Image restoration IWeek 10: Image restoration II & Image registrationWeek 11: Colour image processingWeek 12: Image segmentationWeek 13: Morphological image processing
Week 14: Object representation ,description and recognition