Week Lecture Title of Video and Reading text/Lecture/ppt   First Week Lecture 1 Introduction to Digital Forensics Lecture 2Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and accessories-1 Lecture 3Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and accessories-2   Second week Lecture 4 Computer architecture Lecture 5Understanding the binary number system & Conversions Lecture 6Encoding and Decoding formats   Third Week Lecture 7 Methods of storing data Lecture 8Computer Memory Lecture 9Development of hard disk, physical construction, CHS & LBA addressing   Fourth Week Lecture 10 Processor Lecture 11Software Lecture 12 Operating System Part I   Fifth week Lecture 13 Operating System Part II (History & Development) Lecture 14 Understanding file system –I Lecture 15Understanding file system-II (file formats )   Sixth Week Lecture 16 Networking and types of networks Lecture 17 Networking Devices Lecture 18 Internet   Seventh Week Lecture 19 The Internet Protocols Lecture 20 Definition and types of computer crimes Lecture 21 Distinction between computer crimes and conventional crimes.   Eighth week Lecture 22 Basic Concepts of Network security –I Lecture 23Basic Concepts of Network security –II Lecture 24Encryption and decryption methods   Ninth Week Lecture 25 Types of computer crimes-l Computer virus, and computer worm, Trojan horse, trap door, super zapping, logic bombs. Lecture 26Types of computer crimes-ll Social media crimes, intellectual property crimes, cyber pornography& child pornography, cyber terrorism, hate speech and cyber security Lecture 27Types of computer crimes –lll   Tenth Week Lecture 28 Seizure of suspected computer. Preparation required prior to seizure Lecture 29 Legal and privacy issues in computer forensics Lecture 30 Open and Proprietary tools for Digital Forensics   Eleventh week Lecture 31 Disk Forensics Lecture 32 Digital Forensics-Memory & Network forensics Lecture 33 Computer forensic investigation Restoration of deleted files, Password cracking, Email tracking   Twelfth week Lecture 34 Digital Forensics - Mobile phone Forensics Lecture 35 Digital Forensics - forensics Lecture 36 Relevant law to combat computer crime –Information Technology Act   Thirteen week Lecture 37 Discussion on Practical aspects of IT Act Lecture 38 New challenges of computer forensic-I Lecture 39 New challenges of computer forensic- II