Develop your digital literacy skills and improve your confidence

This practical four-week course from Deakin University, Australia is designed to help you develop digital skills and improve overall confidence online.

This will help you to better connect with people online, access services you need and be more comfortable living and working in our increasingly digital world.

Identify your digital literacy goals and learn how to stay safe online

The course will allow you to examine and collate your personal goals for improving digital literacy using a quiz, a discussion and a reflection, and will share your experiences with other people on a similar journey.

The course will outline specific digital techniques to help you overcome your fears and barriers in order to help you stay safe online.

Explore how to navigate the social media landscape

You’ll explore various online communities to see how they can add value and meaning in your life. This will include social media channels, so you’ll learn how to make your way through the social media landscape.

By completing this course, you’ll work out how the internet can make your life easier by supporting everyday tasks, and develop your digital skills so that you can confidently keep problem solving, exploring and learning online.

Learn from experts at Deakin University

Throughout the duration of the course, you’ll be guided by experts in education and digital literacy from Deakin University, a world leader in digital technology, research and innovation.

This course is primarily aimed at adult learners who are new to, or lack confidence in, using digital devices and the internet to fulfil personal goals such as accessing services, finding information or connecting with others.

It may also be suitable for community groups and services such as libraries looking to help assist their members to navigate in the digital world, as well as those learners that speak English as a second language.

To take part in this course, you’ll need a computer and/or smart device (smart phone or tablet) and internet access.