Digital Channel Planning and E-Commerce Strategy

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  • Digital Channel Planning and Inbound Strategy
    • This module opens with a comprehensive overview of channel planning including the challenges this presents to marketers. It covers inbound and outbound strategies, cross-media planning, the digital channel mix, and mobile marketing. Next, the module dives deeper into key topics related to each of the channels, covering social media marketing and content marketing strategy, search engine marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, paid search, and developing an email marketing strategy.
  • Digital Channel Planning and Outbound Strategy
    • This module begins with the fundamentals of display and video advertising, and demonstrates how to set up and manage a YouTube channel. It also covers the benefits of display advertising, the best practices for display and video advertising, and key digital display tactics.
  • E-Commerce and Social Customer Service Strategy
    • This module introduces the characteristics of the e-commerce business model and helps you understand the corresponding business requirements and decisions that flow from their value proposition. You will learn to recognize the strengths and limitations of different e-commerce solutions and common payment methods. Finally, the module covers how to plan and begin to implement a social customer service strategy.