Digital Business Models

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  • Introduction to Digital Business Models
    • The first module will introduce the concept of digital business models. Digital business models will be used as a tool to explain the rise of internet mega brands and how companies can innovate in the digital era.
  • How Internet companies use digital business models
    • The module builds on the concept of the Digital Business Models to analyse how Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and several other internet-era incumbents are using digital business models to create, deliver, capture and defend value. The module ends with an introduction to asymmetric business models.
  • Developers as the new Decision Makers
    • In this module we will discuss how and why developers are emerging as the new decision makers. We now see that software is becoming a competitive advantage in industry after industry; today most businesses in media, games, finance, or transportation, advertising and sports are using software to improve operations, optimise their supply chain, and improve the customer experience. Developers are at the very centre of that change.
  • Developers as the Engine of Digital Business Models
    • In this module we’ll discuss how developers are the engine of Digital Business Models and how companies from Amazon to Walgreens are working with developers to create, deliver, capture and defend value.
  • Build your own Digital Business Model
    • In this final module we will examine how to put digital business models at work in your own business. We will also provide a framework that you can use in your company to promote shared thinking and language for building your own digital business model.