Diet Management in Health and Disease

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WEEK- 01 Objective
1 Determinants of Health2. Energy Requirements for Humans3. Nutrition in Adulthood4. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
WEEK- 02 Objective
1. Nutrition in Infancy2. Nutrition in Adolescence3. Nutrition in Old age4. Principles and Classification of Therapeutic Diets
WEEK- 03 Objective
1. Therapeutic diets - Dietary modification in Diarrhoea2.Therapeutic diets - Dietary consideration in Constipation3. Nutritional management in Fevers4. Routine hospital diets
WEEK- 04 Objective
1. Enteral and Parenteral Feeding2. Low energy and very low calorie diet3. High energy diets for weight gain4. Diet for febrile conditions, infections and surgical conditions
WEEK- 05 Objective
1. Diseases related to Mouth, Oesophagus and Stomach2. Nutritional management in the diseases of the liver and pancreas3. Management of diabetes4. Clinical and Nutritional aspects of Hyperlipidemia
WEEK- 06 Objective
1. Dietary management of cerebrovascular diseases2. Review of physiology and function of normal kidney3. Diseases of kidney glomerulonephritis4. Dietary management in uremia
WEEK- 07 Objective
1. Dietary management in Nephrotic syndrome and renal failure2. Cancer – Nutritional and non-nutritional aetiological factors3. Assessment of nutritional status in burns patients - Nutritional management of burns patients4. Nutritional management in diseases on the thyroid gland
WEEK- 08 Objective
1. Hyperparathyrodisim2. Interaction between drugs, nutrients and nutritional status