Diagnosing Health Behaviors for Global Health Programs

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  • Dimensions of Health Behavior
    • We start the course with an introduction to the dimensions of health behavior as well as an outline of what to expect from the rest of the course.
  • Individual Behavior, Perspectives, and Interpretations
    • We continue with theories and models, understanding human behavior, and understanding perspectives. We'll also examine an example of meanings and interpretations using malaria and river blindness as well as an introduction to force field theory and an explanation of using and making models and theories.
  • The Health Belief Model and Social Learning Theory
    • In this module you will be introduced to the Health Belief Model as well as the Social Learning Theory, which will allow you to better understand how to complete your Peer Review in this module, as you will be completing one of each with a case study provided.
  • Process Models and PRECEDE
    • Here you will be introduced to Process Models and take a look at PRECEDE for the first time.
  • The Precede Framework
    • In this final module, we discuss the PRECEDE Framework as an extension of the previous module.