Diabetes – the Essential Facts

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  • Fundamentals of Diabetes
    • In this first module you will be introduced to the fundamentals about diabetes. This includes both the biomedical and public health aspects, such as a description of the different types of diabetes, a profile of the most at risk people and populations as well as an introduction to the epidemiological trends that have changed dramatically over the last decades.
  • Prevention and Treatment
    • In this second module you will be introduced to the important roles of nutrition and exercise when preventing and treating diabetes. We will have a more detailed look at the role of obesity and overweight and also focus on the challenges of fighting diabetes in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Diabetes in the Future
    • In this final module we will discuss some of the new research and treatment methods for diabetes, such as surgery or microships, and then we will ask the researchers where they see the field going in the future. The last lesson will be followed by a short peer-review assignment, where you have to submit a short text, and afterwards review the submissions of your peers.