Development of Assistive technology for persons with Disabilities

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Course layout

A team of Course Coordinator, Tutor(s)/ Teaching Assistants shall be there with you to provide you support for any problems you face. You can post your queries in the discussion forums or through mail. At the end of the course, you must provide feedback which will help us to enhance the quality of this course further.

Objectives of the course:

The course is designed for students to understand the need for ICT for people with disabilities. It would provide a better understanding of ICT to enabling and accelerating the educational, social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities.

It would help understand how Assistive technologies help to access transportation, education, employment, enable Independent living and performing routine tasks like shopping, watching movie or accessing an ATM. And importantly the needs of the unreached communities in tribal and rural areas in developing countries.

The course would help identifying career opportunities that can be availed on the ICT platform.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course the students would

  • Develop knowledge, skills and application of existing technology for students studying in under graduate and post graduate courses
  • To develop innovative and indigenous technologies to enhance the quality of life and inclusion of persons with disabilities and senior citizens at national and global levels.
  • Build knowledge on Assistive devices and assistive technologies based on electronics, mechanical engineering
  • Understand Accessible designing in construction, universal accessibility standards
  • Develop Software applications for persons with special needs.
  • Understanding the important of tapping around 2.68 crores of persons with disabilities in India.
  • Understanding how ICT can be a potential game changer in developing Make in India and made in India ICT products and solutions for people with special needs.

Eligibility for enrolment

Students studying in 5th Semester of Engineering / Technical courses

Resource persons for course:

  • Dr Indumathi Rao
  • Dr Rangasayee
  • Prof Mark Harniss
  • Dr Deepthi Samanth
  • Dr Becky Matter
  • Ms Shanthi Raghavan
  • Dr Seetharam
  • Mr Vineeth Nagaraju

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Course Length

224 Hours (Notional)

Weekly Time commitments

Course Completion

Exam if applicable