Development and Applications of Special Concretes

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Concrete is no longer simply a mixture of water, cement, sand and coarse aggregate – the advent of chemical admixtures and better understanding of the hydration of cement, and other issues relating to properties of concrete, has made it possible to use several other ingredients and have led to the development of several special concretes and construction methods and use concrete in diverse environments. Building on the fundamental principles of normal concrete, this course explains how some commonly used special concretes have been developed and how they are used in different conditions. The course seeks to present a unified view of concrete materials, construction methods and construction environment and examine the matter on parameters such as quality control methods.
A) Pg Students Of Civil Engineering B) Practising Professionals In The Area Of Concrete ConstructionPREREQUISITES : The Course Will Assume Basic Understanding Of Concrete Materials And Construction Processes, Including Expected Performance, Quality Control, Etc.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :It Is My Earnest Hope That All Industries Related To Planning, Design And Construction Of Projects Using Concrete Will Find The Material Relevant And Thought Provoking.