Developing Soft Skills and Personality

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Week 1: Lecture 1: Introduction: A New Approach To Learning Lecture 2: Planning And Goal-Setting Lecture 3: Human Perceptions: Understanding People Lecture 4: Types Of Soft Skills: Self-Management Skills Lecture 5: Aiming For Excellence: Developing Potential And Self-Actualisation Lecture 6: Need Achievement And Spiritual Intelligence

Week 2: Lecture 7: Conflict Resolution Skills: Seeking Win-Win Solution
Lecture 8: Inter-Personal Conflicts: Two Examples Lecture 9: Inter-Personal Conflicts: Two Solutions Lecture 10: Types Of Conflicts: Becoming A Conflict Resolution Expert Lecture 11: Types Of Stress: Self-Awareness About Stress Lecture 12: Regulating Stress: Making The Best Out Of Stress

Week 3: Lecture 13: Habits: Guiding Principles
Lecture 14: Habits: Identifying Good And Bad Habits Lecture 15: Habits: Habit Cycle Lecture 16: Breaking Bad Habits Lecture 17: Using The Zeigarnik Effect For Productivity And Personal Growth Lecture 18: Forming Habits Of Success

Week 4: Lecture 19: Communication: Significance Of Listening Lecture 20:Communication: Active Listening Lecture 21:Communication: Barriers To Active Listening Lecture 22:Telephone Communication: Basic Telephone Skills Lecture 23:Telephone Communication: Advanced Telephone Skills Lecture 24: Telephone Communication: Essential Telephone Skills

Week 5: Lecture 25: Technology And Communication: Technological Personality
Lecture 26: Technology And Communication: Mobile Personality? Lecture 27: Topic: Technology And Communication: E-Mail Principles Lecture 28: Technology And Communication: How Not To Send E-Mails! Lecture 29: Technology And Communication: Netiquette Lecture 30: Technology And Communication: E-Mail Etiquette

Week 6: Lecture 31: Communication Skills: Effective Communication
Lecture 32: Barriers To Communication: Arising Out Of Sender/Receiver’s Personality Lecture 33: Barriers To Communication: Interpersonal Transactions Lecture 34: Barriers To Communication: Miscommunication Lecture 35: Non-Verbal Communication: Pre-Thinking Assessment-1 Lecture 36: Non-Verbal Communication: Pre-Thinking Assessment-2

Week 7: Lecture 37: Nonverbal Communication: Introduction And Importance
Lecture 38: Non-Verbal Communication: Issues And Types Lecture 39: Non-Verbal Communication: Basics And Universals Lecture 40: Non-Verbal Communication: Interpreting Non-Verbal Cues Lecture 41: Body Language: For Interviews Lecture 42: Body Language: For Group Discussions

Week 8: Lecture 43: Presentation Skills: Overcoming Fear
Lecture 44: Presentation Skills: Becoming A Professional Lecture 45: Presentation Skills: The Role Of Body Language Lecture 46: Presentation Skills: Using Visuals Lecture 47: Reading Skills: Effective Reading Lecture 48: Human Relations: Developing Trust And Integrity