Developing Data Products

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  • Course Overview
    • In this overview module, we'll go over some information and resources to help you get started and succeed in the course.
  • Shiny, GoogleVis, and Plotly
    • Now we can turn to the first substantive lessons. In this module, you'll learn how to develop basic applications and interactive graphics in shiny, compose interactive HTML graphics with GoogleVis, and prepare data visualizations with Plotly.
  • R Markdown and Leaflet
    • During this module, we'll learn how to create R Markdown files and embed R code in an Rmd. We'll also explore Leaflet and use it to create interactive annotated maps.
  • R Packages
    • In this module, we'll dive into the world of creating R packages and practice developing an R Markdown presentation that includes a data visualization built using Plotly.
  • Swirl and Course Project
    • Week 4 is all about the Course Project, producing a Shiny Application and reproducible pitch.