Developing Data Models with LookML

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  • Module 0: Introduction to the Course
    • This module introduces the course on LookML for Looker developers.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Looker and LookML
    • This module provides an overview of Looker and the Looker integrated development environment (IDE) for LookML developers.
  • Module 2: Modeling Dimensions and Measures
    • This module reviews how to model new dimensions and measures using LookML.
  • Module 3: Project Version Control
    • This module reviews how Looker integrates with Git for version control of LookML projects.
  • Module 4: Model Files
    • This module provides a deeper dive into the model files of LookML projects for developers to start designing and building custom Explores for business users.
  • Module 5: Derived Tables
    • This module explains how to use derived tables in Looker to create new custom tables that do not yet exist in the underlying database.
  • Module 6: Caching and Datagroups
    • This module provides an overview of how caching works in Looker and how developers can use datagroups to manage caching policies.
  • Module 7: Course Summary
    • This module provides a summary of the topics covered in this course.