Developing Applications with SQL, Databases, and Django ORM

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Developers need access to data, and data is stored in databases. You need to learn how to get access to the data you need, quickly and securely. This course introduces you to different types of databases: Relational and NoSQL and explains how the type of database you choose determines how you access the data stored within it. You’ll practice using SQL commands to extract data from a Relational database, and use the Django Object Relational Model (ORM) to develop an application that extracts data from a NoSQL database.

The security of data while at rest or in transit is of prime concern, so in this course, you'll discover some best practices for securing data and databases in a cloud environment and demonstrate how to apply them by adding authentication and encryption to your Django application.

Course Learning Objectives:

- Discuss the differences between relational and NoSQL databases.
- Compose SQL queries to insert, select, update, delete, and join data in a database.
- Explain Object Relational Model (ORM),
- Employ Django ORM to develop database-powered applications.
- Describe and best practices in secure cloud development, and apply by adding authentication and encryption to your application