Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Step Towards Success

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  • Specialization: Goals and Objectives
    • This module provides an overview of the learner goals and objectives of the series of courses in the specialization: “How to Start Your Own Business”. It also provides an explanation of how this course contributes to those goals and objectives.
  • Mindset: What's Yours?
    • Reviews the concept of a mindset and discusses those that commonly hinder business startup. Identifies the internal and external components of a mindset.
  • Mindset: Why Not?
    • Dispels myths associated with the internal components of a mindset with respect to starting a business.
  • Mindset: Why You?
    • Dispels myths associated with the external components of a mindset with respect to starting a business.
  • Mindset: Why Now?
    • This module presents the arguement that one should not look for the right time for a defined business, but look for the right business for the time. It then goes on to show how.
  • Self-Assessment
  • The New Business Paradigm
    • In this module we show you how to apply your new found entrepreneurial mindset to those tasks and behaviors associated with starting or acquiring a business.
  • The Knock on Opportunity
    • One of the most consistent characterizations of an entrepreneur or business owner, after innovativeness, is the ability to recognize, evaluate, and exploit opportunities. This module shows how to find or create both.
  • The Lean Scene
    • Perhaps no single area over the last few decades has done more for the position that entrepreneurhsip or business ownership are skills that can be learned than the Lean Startup movement started by Eric Reis. This module presents its principles.