Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation

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Week 1: What is creativity, innovation and design
The core concepts of creativity, design and innovation

Week 2: Creativity Myths
Mistaken beliefs about creativity and why they're dangerous

Week 3: Creative people, creative organizations
Ideas and tools to help both people and organisations work more creatively

Week 4: Impact and purpose
Measuring impact and the value created through creativity

Week 5: Design thinking for innovation
The role of empathy in the design thinking process and the tools we can use

Week 6: How do we learn what people want?
How we ensure learning fits people's needs

Week 7: Experiments
Designing and executing experiments for value creation

Week 8: The design sprint
Principles of a design sprint and how to make it happen

Week 9: Distributed creativity
How diversity and collaboration through networks support the creativity process

Week 10: Moving from ideas to impact
Bring the ideas presented in this course together and show how organizations can create impact from ideas