Design, Technology and Innovation

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Week 1 : i. Jaipur Foot - A classic innovation by Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy ii.User Centred Helmet Design by Prof. B. K. ChakravarthyWeek 2 : Challenges of Reaching a Million Users by Prof. Chetan Solanki and Prof Jayendran VWeek 3 : i. Technology to Solution by Prof. Ramesh Singh ii. Collaborative Excellence by Prof. B. Ravi & Prof. B. K. ChakravarthyWeek 4 : Collaborative Innovation Methods by Prof B. K. ChakravarthyWeek 5 : Learnings from Grassroot Innovation by Prof. Anil GuptaWeek 6 : Systemic Approach to Biomed Innovations by Prof. B. RaviWeek 7 : Research to Innovation by Prof. Amaresh ChakrabartiWeek 8 : Smartcane for the Blind- A Success Story by Prof. P. V. Madhusudhan Rao