Design of Mechatronic Systems

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Week 1:Introduction: Applications of mechatronics system. Systems like CDROM, scanner opened to see whats there inside and why?.
Week 2:Elements of mechatronics system: Sensor, actuator, plant, and controller. Week 3:Integrated mechanical-electronics design philosophy. Examples of real life systems.
Week 4:Smart sensor concept and utility of compliant mechanisms in mechatronics Week 5:Microcontrollers for mechatronics: Interfacing. Getting started with TIVA programming Week 6:Microcontroller programming philosophy TIVA programming different interfaces.
Week 7:Modeling DC motor, importance of and modeling friction in mechatronic systems.
Week 8:Lagrange formulation for system dynamics, example of 2R manipulator; Selection of sensors and actuators, use of modeling for the same.
Week 9:Representation of systems and control design in linear domain
Week 10:Basics of Lyapunov theory for nonlinear control
Week 11:Basics of sampling of signal, and digitization of system
Week 12:Filters for practical mechatronic system implementation.Research example/ case study of development of novel mechatronics system of 3D micro-printer.