Design of Masonry Structures

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Masonry structures constitute approximately 85% of the built stock in a developing country such as India; however, a vast majority of this is non-engineered or semi-engineered constructions demonstrating poor performance, particularly under earthquake actions. Formal engineering design and detailing with due consideration to seismic action is indispensible to ensure structural safety. In this direction, the recent edition of the National Building Code (2016) of India has introduced the section on reinforced masonry design as a viable structural option. The current course aims at elucidating theories on mechanical behaviour of masonry assemblages under different actions, and introduces students to working stress and limit state approaches to analysis and design of unreinforced, reinforced, confined masonry structures for gravity and lateral loads, including earthquake loads. The course will also briefly address behaviour of masonry infill walls and procedures for structural assessment and strengthening of existing masonry structures. Students who undertakes this course will have an understanding of behavior of structural masonry under different loads, and be able to estimate capacities and design masonry walls and systems.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: The course is appropriate for senior UG (Civil), and PG students and specialising in structural engineering.PREREQUISITES : Student must have completed courses on strength of materials, structural analysis, structural design (RC or steel),
and preferably seismic design of structures
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Public Works Departments (CPWD/PWDs), Birla Aerocon (and other AAC block and cement concrete block
manufacturers), Bekaert (India), Weinerberger (India)



Week 1: IntroductionWeek 2: Masonry Materials and Properties
Week 3: Strength and Behaviour of Masonry
Week 4: Strength and Behaviour of Masonry
Week 5: Strength and Behaviour of Masonry
Week 6: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 7: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 8: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 9: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 10: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 11: Design of Reinforced Masonry
Week 12: Confined Masonry, Infill Masonry, Special Topic