Design of bulk nanostructured metal materials

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  • Fecha Incio:21/03/2022
  • Universidad: St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University
  • Profesores: Polyakova Marina Andreevna
  • Certificado: Si
  • Module 1. Nanostructured metals. General information
    • Students will get acquainted with peculiarities how structure and properties in metals change after severe plastic deformation. Description of methods of severe plastic deformation will be presented. Typical methods for investigation of nanostructured metals will be characterized.
  • Module 2. Carbon steel after equal channel angular pressing
    • Information about microstructure and mechanical properties change in low carbon and medium carbon steels after equal channel angular pressing is studied. Perspectives to use equal channel angular pressing in metal ware manufacturing processes are presented.
  • Module 3. Peculiarities of nanostructured carbon steels behavior after different kinds of further processing
    • Microstructure change in nanostructured low carbon and medium carbon steels after heating is studied. Practical aspects to use nanostructured low carbon and medium carbon steels for wire and hexagonal screw are presented. Properties of wire and hexagonal screw made from nanostructured carbon steel are presented.
  • Module 4. Designing new methods of deformational nanostructuring for long length products
    • New methods for long length products nanostructuring based on combination of different kinds of deformation are studied. Peculiarities of combined deformational processing for long length products are presented. Microstructure and properties of nanostructured long length products are presented.
  • Module 5. Final
    • The Final Task of the Course is to propose the technical solution of nanostructuring carbon steel workpiece of arbitary form and dimensions. Extra Test will help to selfestimate the level of the obtained knowledge during study of the Course.