Design-Led Strategy: Design thinking for business strategy and entrepreneurship

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  • What is design-led strategy?
    • This module gives you an introduction to design strategy. We will look at design thinking and the tools behind it and explore the elements of corporate strategy. Then, we will explore how design strategy can be used as a vehicle to communicate corporate strategy.
  • Primary market research and problem statement definition
    • In this module we'll look at how to plan and conduct primary market research and how to analyse the results. We'll then step through how to craft a meaningful problem definition statement.
  • Prototyping and product ideation
    • In this module, we look at creating usable models and frameworks for gathering user feedback and testing solutions, through prototypes and a minimum viable product.
  • Design-led strategy in practice: Corporate case studies
    • In this module, you will be introduced to two practical case studies which demonstrate how two Australian based companies are using design strategy to innovate and solve problems every day.
  • Course wrap-up
    • In this module, we will consider what the course has meant for you and how you may be able to use design strategy in your own business context.