Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

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  • Types of Trial Designs
    • This week, we explore different types of trial designs, including parallel, crossover, group allocation, factorial, large simple, equivalency, non-inferiority, and adaptive designs.
  • Randomization and Masking
    • This week we discuss two key design features of randomized clinical trials used to protect against bias, randomization and masking.
  • Outcomes and Analysis
    • This week focuses on a key design issue - selecting the primary outcome. We will also cover the gold standard for analysis of clinical trials, which is including all the participants in the analysis regardless of their actual treatment.
  • Ethics
    • This week focuses on a key issue in the field of clinical trials, the ethics of experimentation in humans.
  • Reporting Results
    • This week, we focus on reporting results of clinical trials in publications. We cover the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) guidelines.
  • Randomized Clinical Trials
    • This week, we focus on whether RCTs are still the gold standard for evaluating evidence.