Design and Implementation of Digital Health Interventions

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  • Design, Development and Delivery of Digital Health Interventions
    • This module introduces and analyses various themes around the role of design. This includes Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking and Professional Design. You will then be introduced to digital delivery and agile methodologies and how they relate to design. There will be readings to supplement activities and a formative quiz to test your knowledge of key areas.
  • Regulatory Approaches and Ethics
    • This module will focus on identifying the appropriate regulatory processes associated with digital health and personalised and population digital health approaches. You will also be introduced to important topics to include the value of data and health care data, data regulations to include areas on data security, ownership and access and lastly, data breaches and fake news where you will assess contemporary examples.
  • Technology Adoption and Implementation
    • In this module you will learn about the digital health landscape and why healthcare digitalisation is so slow and difficult. You will be introduced to the NASSS framework and learn how you can use it to identify, understand and address challenges associated with digital health interventions in health. This will help inform your understanding and knowledge of the barriers and facilitators in digital health and you will also learn about why technology programmes fail. There is an example of developing an implementation strategy for a digital health intervention based on an example from routine healthcare and there will also be an example of evaluating a digital alert for sepsis in a clinical setting in the United Kingdom.
  • Contextual Analysis (Strategies applied to Digital Health Design)
    • In this module the focus will be on explaining strategy as applied to Digital health, provide an example of strategy in relation to digital health and analyse strategy in relation to healthcare and information technology through real-world examples. You will also focus on a case study of a SWOT analysis based on information technology and the healthcare industry.