Design and Analysis of Experiments

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The objective of this course is to impart students a holistic view of the fundamentals of experimental designs, analysis tools and techniques, interpretation and applications. Upon completion of this course, the students will know (i) the fundamentals of experiments and its uses, (ii) basic statistics including ANOVA and regression, (iii) experimental designs such as RCBD, BIBD, Latin Square, factorial and fractional factorial designs, (iv) application of statistical models in analysing experimental data, (v) RSM to optimize response of interest from an experiment, and (vi) use of software such as Minitab.

  • All Engineering
  • Science
  • Management Students
PRE-REQUISITES: Probability and statisticsINDUSTRY SUPPORT :
  • Manufacturing companies like GM, Tata Motors, Tata Steel
  • Process industries such as ONGC
  • General Electric
  • R&D organizations