Design a Digital Planner on Your iPad in Procreate: Buttons, Stickers, Textures, & Tabs

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In this class you'll learn how to use your iPad and Procreate to create and decorate a digital planner with tabs, pre-cropped stickers, and tons of layers and textures.  We’ll start with the planning process and go all the way through exporting your file and sharing it online.  Digital planning has absolutely changed the way I plan and organize my personal and professional tasks.  I'm so excited to share this process with you!

When you take this class you’ll get all of the tools I use to create my planners as free downloads.  I’ll share with you three leather texture brushes, a paper texture brush, and tons of stamps for creating tabs, buttons, stitches, and stickers:

I’ll also give you my digital planner so you can have a basic format to get you started with designing your own planner.  I’ll show you how my planner sections are linked, and how I go about designing each page from start to finish.


In this class we'll:

  • create a background that will be the cohesive element that ties all of your planner sections together
  • learn how to add depth to your background with shadows, textures, and layers
  • use a grid system to keep everything in alignment, so your planner looks clean and professional
  • create planner tabs and buttons that allow you to link to various sections of your planner
  • create a goal tacker page, a month view, a year view, lined paper, and a sticker page
  • cover ways to fill up empty spaces in the planner with notes sections and symbols
  • cut down on work by copying elements and links to different parts of your planner
  • learn how to create pre-cropped sticker pages in Goodnotes
  • learn how to export and share your finished planner

Whether you want to design planners to sell or just want to create one for yourself, this class will show you everything you need to know to design a digital planner on your iPad.

Note: I use Procreate to design my planner and the app Goodnotes for my digital planning, but there are other apps that work for designing and planning that you could use with this process.

If you're totally new to Procreate, you may want to start with my first class on digital planning that covers the basics of Procreate and planning.

If you want to learn how to create your own font on your iPad like I did for my planner, check out my font class here.

You can get the downloads and resources for this class here. (the password is shown in the first lesson)